Sound Healing Training Minneapolis, MN

Sound Healing Training, Classes and Experiences  in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities, MN area, with Kay Grace, CAEH

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sound Healing

If you’re looking for Information on the Level II Year Long Sound Healing Apprenticeship Program, Mastery of Self & Sound, please click HERE

Introduction to Tuning Forks:

Sound Tools to Restore  Your Well-Being Blueprint

Location:  Svasti Yoga Center  3751  Bloomington Ave S. , Minneapolis, MN 55407

with Kay Grace

Sunday,  June 29th 2014; 9:00am-3:00pm

Learn to Use Sound Healing Tuning Forks for  Self-Care & with Others

Relieve Pain, Assist with Pre and Post Surgery, Calm the Nervous System and more…

Tuning Forks, and  Ting-Shas are sound healing tools from the singing metals family; learn how they work and practice some great self-care methods as well as ways to work with others to balance and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Tuning Forks have a powerful, focused effect on the nervous system, nourishing the brain, and helping people get out of the “fight or flight” panic mode.  The sounds and vibrations are thought to help the cells, tissues, fluids and energy field to remember their original “blueprint” for well-being, moving the whole system into greater harmony and coherence, where the body’s own intelligence can take over and create healing.  You’ll learn how this works, and a couple of simple protocols to use tuning forks both on the body at acupressure points, as well as off the body, in the energy field, depending on the desired outcome.

Tuning forks can be a fantastic way to relieve acute pain, assist in post-surgery recovery, restore movement and flow in the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation in joints and even entrain the nervous system to a calm, stress-free state.  Tuning forks can also be used to enter into an altered state for deep healing, spiritual renewal and creative inspiration.

This course will cover content from my Level I Sound Healing Certificate program, and will also include learning how to restore your “well-being blueprint.”

Energy Investment:  $127

Crystal Sonic Healing – Crystals, Sound & Crystal Singing Bowls

Learn to use Crystal Singing Bowls as well as Sound + Crystals from the Earth to heal & move into a deep state of peace and well-being.

Location:  Svasti Yoga Center  3751  Bloomington Ave S. , Minneapolis, MN 55407

with Kay Grace

Saturday,  July 19th,  2014; 9am-4pm

Crystal singing bowls and crystals amplify, transform, store, focus, transfer and transmute energy.  Our bodies also contain “crystalline structures,”  as bones and within our nervous systems,  which is why using them is so powerful  – it affects us “bone deep,” using sound & vibration.

The incredible harmonics created by singing the crystal bowls are nourishing to the brain and nervous system; they slow down brain waves, to Alpha (the “zone” for athletes; meditation if you are sitting or lying down quietly), and can also move you into a Theta brainwave state, where very deep healing can occur.

When we master the use of crystal, we open ourselves to become an instrument of transmission and reception – of higher wisdom and healing sound.  Learn how to use crystals with sound effectively to enhance physical and emotional well-being, in yourself and with others.

Energy Investment:  $127

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sound HealingSound Healing Immersion – 1 Day Intensive

Location:  Svasti Yoga Center  3751  Bloomington Ave S. , Minneapolis, MN 55407

with Kay Grace

Saturday,  August 10th 2014; 9am-3pm

Release what’s not working, and shift into the state of being you want instead.

This is a deep dive into the healing power of sound, and  a chance to do some quality self-care, and exploration,  whether you’re experienced  with sound or brand new to it.

Although there will be a brief explanation of Sound Healing for those that are new, most of the day will be spent doing a series of experiential exercises and process which are incredibly transformational and healing. We will explore sound and movement, toning and chanting, immersion into the celestial sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, relaxing deeply with the Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls, and moving into a profound state of stillness & receptivity using Tuning Forks to open a path into an altered state to heal, recharge & spark creativity, inspiration and deep listening to your Higher Self & Source.

If you’re a graduate of Level I, Level II or both, you may choose the discounted price, shown below.

Energy Investment:  $127

Energy Investment if you’re a Level I or Level II Sound Healing Mastery Graduate:  $97


Note: For all Day Classes, you’ll want to bring a bag lunch (we cannot eat IN the rental rooms – food must be eaten outside or elsewhere), OR be ready to buy lunch very nearby. We will only have 30-40 minutes for lunch.