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Kay Grace

CAEH, Sound Healing Practitioner and Educator
Minneapolis, MN
952-292-0480 for Appointments

Kay, author of the forthcoming book Sound Healing Mastery, enjoys helping people access the unique quality of their spirits to create lives of greater harmony and happiness in her popular retreats and intensives. She offers a wide variety of sound healing classes, retreats and training, both locally and internationally, including the Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate program at Normandale College and other locations.

A published singer and songwriter, Kay enjoys creating sound healing music with her voice and Crystal Singing Bowls, and leading both wilderness and spiritual journey travel retreats she calls Sounding in Sacred Places.

Kay has an established private practice offering Sound Healing sessions, Intuitive Readings and Energy Work since 2001 and has helped thousands of clients access the power of sound to relieve stress, reduce pain and create deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

These sessions are available in person in Minneapolis, MN, USA, or by phone or Skype, or can be arranged for groups of people who would like to have her come to their cities, either for individual sessions or custom designed workshops in your area of interest.

A graduate of a four year certification program in advanced energy work from Inner Focus School, she has also studied Sound Healing extensively with Jonathan Goldman and Sound Accord Healing. Kay is a member of the International Sound Healers Association, and ABMP, and a valued faculty member in the Integrative Health Program at Normandale College.

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Michael Freeman

CAEH, Massage Therapist
Minneapolis, MN
612-518-1036 for Appointments


With a lifelong interest in health and healing, Michael is a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, WI, practicing massage as his primary occupation since 2001.

“I want you to have the one thing that has the biggest impact on your life: a healthy, pain-free body, and a peaceful mind.” Customized massage designed just for you is focused on providing these benefits with every session, effectively and accurately.

As enjoyable, peaceful and relaxing as massage is, it is really not a luxury; it is an important, effective way to stay well.  Nagging pain, and having too much stress without relieving it regularly can cost you your health. Massage is one way to help.

Along with his private practice, Michael partners with Lyn Lake Chiropractic in the uptown area of Minneapolis for two days each week, working with runners, cross-fit members, weight lifting competitors, the biking community and various athletes. With his 15 years’ experience, he has developed a system to provide specialized massage (Ultimate Pain Relief Series) to those whose pain, stress and muscle tension may be stopping them from being the best they can be and truly enjoying what they do.

Customized sessions restore freedom of movement, and provide immediate relief, so it’s easier to stay “in the zone,” and to recover more quickly when an injury does happen.

The Ultimate Pain Relief System also offers relief to those who suffer from chronic neck or back pain, and to those recovering from accidents, injury or surgery which involves rehabilitation, such as hip or knee replacement.

Michael has also been trained as a Focus Touch Shiatsu practitioner; an American form of an Eastern healing technique.  This method uses firm stretching & holding techniques, along with focused pressure at key acupuncture points to energize the body.

In addition, Michael is a graduate of 4 year advanced certification program in Energy Work, from Inner Focus School. This training in holistic wellness and energy work helps him find problem areas more quickly, with a greater ability to resolve them on all levels, body, mind and spirit. This means relieving pain and stress more completely than traditional massage alone can do.

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