Disaster Relief; Love in Action

Direct Practical Support to Those Facing Disaster

Help us Send Light & Clean Water to Puerto Rico!

Two Spirits (EnergyExpress) and the non-profit Light Upon Light Sufi Center in Minneapolis, MN

have joined together to send help to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Since Light Upon Light Light Sufi Center is non-profit, your donations are tax deductible

What & Why

We are planning to get needed items to an individual there who is a member of a sister Sufi group in Puerto Rico. Her name is Lise Escobar and we are so grateful to her for being willing to do this!  She is able to receive shipments and has people willing to help distribute items to people in real need, avoiding red tape and delays so common in disaster relief given by large government agencies (if it is given at all).

Some of the greatest needs are for good filters for clean water, and light.  Below you’ll find a list of even more items we are buying and shipping with the help of your generous donations. Since Light Upon Light Light Sufi Center is non-profit, your donations are tax deductible.

Katadyn BeFree Water Filter Bottle

Clean Water

Award winning and high quality water filtering bottles for safe drinking water
Luci Solar Light


Luci:  Solar Powered Inflatable LED Lights by MPowred
Other needed Items

Everything Else

Other needed items,  including pain relief, allergy and other medicine, mosquito nets, tarps for shelter, batteries and more.

Thank You to Companies Willing to Help!

We’d also like to thank some very generous companies, both local and national who are allowing us to buy needed items at great discounts:

Rod Johnson, of local outdoor store Midwest Mountaineering introduced us to the great people at Katadyn, makers of water filter bottles usually used by backpackers and wilderness campers.  For any water filtering bottles we buy to send to Puerto Rico, we are only paying half the normal retail cost, at $25 each plus tax.   Our first order is for 12 of the bottles, and we hope to send many more!

You can click on the image of the water bottle to visit their website and read more about what they offer. In addition to being willing to let us help in this small yet effective way, they have also been donating water filtration items to larger NGO’s working in Puerto Rico. Go Katadyn!

Mpowred, makers of the Luci Inflatable Solar-Powered Light, have also generously allowed us to pay for the lights we send at 50% of normal retail cost.  At about $10 each, we’re starting with 30 lights and as we raise more funds, we’ll send more lights! MPowred is also helping Puerto Rico in many other ways as well.

You can click on the image of the Luci light to read more about the one we’re sending and to see what else they offer.  Yay MPowred!

NOTE:  Since Light Upon Light Light Sufi Center is non-profit, your donations are tax deductible

Please Donate to Send Direct Practical Support to Puerto Rico!

Thank you in advance for any amount you can give.

Since Light Upon Light Light Sufi Center is non-profit, your donations are tax deductible

After 5 weeks, Most of Puerto Rico is still Without Power!

Update from Puerto Rico, from Lise Escobar
“More than 3/4th of the island is still without electricity or running water safe to consume…FEMA is slow in delivering tarps or help…central mountain towns people in dire situations…no temporary shelter program information available…jobs keep closing…businesses closed…thousands leaving daily…corruption scandals and politicians blaming and pointing fingers…that’s the bad news.”
“Good news is that people helping people is stronger than ever. Our hope and spirit grows stronger with each small act of kindness.”
Yo no me quito# …no no no I wont give up!!!

What We’re Sending Now, as of 10-31-2017, to be shipped over the next week:

  • 12 Katadyn BeFree .6 liter and 1.0 liter Water Filtration Bottles
  • 30 Luci Solar Powered Lights
  • Assortment of over the counter medicines for pain relief, allergies, colds, etc.
  • Batteries, especially C & D sizes
  • Lightweight tarps and cord
  • Mosquito Nets

These are some of the greatest needs.  Below you’ll find a list of even more items we would like to send. Though we’re currently contacting possible help from the sellers and makers of these items to see if they will discount or donate, we plan to raise enough to send at least some of them either way.

  • Solar Powered cell phone charges, and portable battery banks to go with them. retail price for the good ones range from about $100 – $250 retail.  We’re thinking to send a few, to be shared among small groups wherever possible.
  • Dehydrated healthy food such as the meals wilderness campers use (Backpacker’s Pantry, REI, Alpineaire, etc.)
  • More money to buy many more of the discounted solar lights and water filter bottles

We will keep this web page updated with our activity – what things cost, when and where we sent them.

We welcome any questions you may have – just use our Contact Us Form HERE.