Energetic Boundaries Course

How would your life be different if you could interact with anyone you want, go into any environment, or help others while feeling strong and clear, able to walk away energized, calm and centered, no matter what?

4 Directions Energetic Boundaries Course

Powerful Tools to Stay Clear and Strong, No Matter What!

Inside this course I share some powerful tools to keep your energy clear and strong while you interact with others, whether you’re a helping professional, or just want to use these skills in your personal relationships.

In this audio series and manual, the focus is on providing practical, easy to learn tools you can use to take good care of yourself and your energy so you can easily, ethically help others and enjoy all of your relationships much more.

No more feeling drained, exhausted, pushed or overwhelmed by other people’s energy and emotions!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • What Energetic Boundaries are and why they are so important
  • How to set up and maintain energy boundaries that work for you; no more feeling drained!
  • How to recognize “energy vampires,” and the best way to stop them
  • Numerous ways to re-energize and clear away any negative energy you may have picked up from others
  • Simple ways to clear your physical environment and energy system of “energetic debris”
  • How to tell if you’ve been “hooked” by someone else’s energy or emotional state, and what to do about it
  • What to do when someone is “pushing” you
  • How to tell when a feeling is yours, and when it belongs to someone else
  • What your primary energetic defense system is and how to activate it in a healthy way
  • The “Mirror Effect,” and how to have this work in your favor
  • How being your authentic self and trusting your own Higher Self wisdom is the key to having great energy boundaries

Sounds Interesting, but How Did You Learn All This?

I’m Kay Grace, author of the forthcoming book, Sound Healing Mastery – the Art & Science of Healing Through Sound, and since 2001,  I’ve been a holistic practitioner & teacher specializing in sound healing and energy work to help people let go of unhelpful mental conditioning, clear emotional triggers, assist with physical pain and illness, and empower them to put an end to self-sabotage, and connect more deeply to who they really are.

You can read more about my training and background at the bottom of this page, but for now, I’d like to share something a little more personal about how I came to be doing this work, and why energetic boundaries are SO important for everyone.

I’ve really been doing healing work all my life, with my first “patient” healed of chronic back pain when I was 7 years old. Many years ago I even learned how to read palms, and would sometimes do this at parties, with surprising results.  I found that just by “tuning in” to another person’s energy field, I could sense what their gifts & challenges were, pinpoint physical pain, and could even “hear” thoughts, or feel their emotions as if they were my own. Sometimes, I could even see photos, objects or other people connected to the person.

That’s when I realized I really did have some extra sensory abilities. I knew things I couldn’t really explain, and had been tapping into it since I was a very young.

Someone would ask a question, and even though I could not have known the right answer, I would speak up and a helpful or accurate answer would just come out. I believed for many years that maybe I was a liar, just looking for attention or approval from others, or making things up.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through my 4th year of certification in advanced energy work that I realized that I was not making things up at all; it was a kind of “downloading,” where I had connected somehow to the “internet” of spiritual wisdom, and to the collective memory and energy currents of humanity, and simply recalled the information.

This also brought challenges, because I was so sensitive to the energy around me, to what others were feeling or thinking.  I would connect with someone, answer questions or read their palm, and as I listened to their story or connected to their emotional energy, I would end up feeling that way myself, or just feel plain exhausted.

I knew I needed a way to keep myself and my energy separate and strong!  I taught myself all sorts of ways to do this, and eventually became very good at helping others without giving myself away.

My rule became that if it would be uplifting, empowering or genuinely of service, I could go ahead and share information, or take a person through a process, letting people choose for themselves whether it was of value to them.

I finally learned that being true to my authentic self was the key. The best way to have good energetic boundaries and stay clear was to be myself, and to stand in my personal power, trusting the guidance received from my Higher Self.  This allowed me to be absolutely clear about whose energy belonged to whom!

I’m Not Sure I Have Any Special Intuitive Gifts – Can Anyone Do This, and  Do I Really Need It?

Yes! Anyone can learn to create and maintain good energetic boundaries. Everyone has a human energy field made up of layers of subtle energy, and anyone who is genuinely interested can learn to sense and strengthen this field.  If you remember that everything is energy, and that people all vibrate at various frequencies, it’s easy to understand how you can sometimes “tune in” to someone else’s energy, or take on energy that does not belong to you, without even being aware of it.  Energy exchanges take place between people all the time, and it’s critical to learn how to become aware of this so you can choose more consciously the energy you want to invite in or send out.

This course will be helpful for you if you can relate to at least 2 of the following boundary issues:

  • You work as a caregiver or helping professional, and sometimes feel you are “taking them home” with you
  • You’re not comfortable in crowds or groups of people or you feel easily overwhelmed
  • Your emotions can be fairly intense, and sometimes “out of proportion” to events
  • Others like to tell you their sad stories because they feel better, but you feel much worse!
  • You feel drained, exhausted or burnt out at the end of the day, and especially after caring for others, or being with intense people
  • You feel other peoples’ pain and emotions almost as if they were yours, sometimes even physically so
  • It’s hard to say no when others “insist”
  • You get easily triggered by others, or get “hooked” by their feelings or judgment of you

Why  “4 Directions?” – A Step-by-Step Approach to Learning

To make the material easier to learn and remember, the audios and course manual are organized using the metaphor of the Medicine Wheel, which represents your whole system: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,  and relates these to the 4 Directions.

WEST represents the Physical realm, which includes the human energy field surrounding you,  your physical environment, and your body with its signals & core wisdom.  Here you’ll learn more about what energetic boundaries are and how they work with your body and your entire energy system, as well as many practical tools to become aware of them, create them and maintain them.  You’ll also learn to recognize when a boundary has been broken and what to do about it.

NORTH represents the Mental realm, which includes core beliefs, thoughts and intention (what you think & believe).  In this section you’ll discover just how powerful those “little voices” in your head can be, and several easy ways to work with them, so that you can end self-sabotage and turn your inner judge, critic or perfectionist into allies. You’ll also learn how to become more aware of the non-conscious beliefs you hold which may be attracting more of the very energy you don’t want, along with a powerful process to change that.  Surprisingly, some thoughts or beliefs are operating in your life without your awareness; in fact some of them may not even belong to you! Find out, and let go of whatever is not working.

SOUTH represents the Emotional realm, which includes  core feelings and needs and is the home of your inner child (both magical & vulnerable).  When energetic boundaries are weak, missing or unclear, your emotional energy can be drained, amplified or even hijacked by someone else’s energy, causing spikes in your moods and feelings that just don’t match up to whatever is really happening around you.  You can end up operating primarily out of fear, using all of your senses to tune into other people’s energy fields, just to see what they might be feeling about you, and to decide whether you feel safe.  The problem is, all the worry and fear clouds your ability to clearly know whose energy belongs to whom! Find out how to identify whose energy is whose, and how to stop energy vampires from draining you. You’ll also learn about emotional triggers, hooks and traps, and practice simple, powerful ways to restore clear boundaries.

EAST – represents the Spiritual realm, the place of inner strength, home of your core values, soul lessons, and the spiritual path you’ve chosen.  Explore your birthright gifts, and remember who you really are, and what you came here to experience, and understand why honoring your authentic self is critical to happiness AND clear energetic boundaries.  Learn how to tell if a person, place or thing is a good “energetic match” for you.  Discover what to do when you cannot change or leave a challenging situation, and explore “holding the paradox” – the most powerful energetic boundary there is.

SACRED MOUNTAIN represents the Higher Self, the You of this moment, and is the key to living in clarity, joy & peace.  Discover how connecting to your own inner wisdom, and learning to trust that guidance builds and strengthens your entire energy field almost effortlessly.

Sounds Good – What Exactly Do I Get With the Course?

  • Customized, brushed aluminum 4 GB Flash Drive, loaded with over 4 hours of audio in mp3 format so you can listen anytime, anywhere, at your own pace
  • The 4 Directions Energetic Boundaries Course Manual, in digital form as a PDF you can read on many devices, or print out if you prefer
  • A beautiful Zena Moon candle, Beyond Fear, created with intention, high vibration essential oil, and crushed gemstone, which you can use with many of the energetic boundary exercises and tools.
  • A small, clear quartz crystal, along with instructions on how to program it with your powerful intention to keep your energy field clear & strong
  • A sweet little temporary tattoo of a long-stemmed rose to remind you to use what you’ve learned!
  • Lifetime access to any additions, updates or bonus materials added to the course, on a members-only webpage

(includes new material being developed now: Opening Your Gifts & Living As An Empath – a Guide for Sensitive People Who Feel Too Much)

Optionally, you may also choose to have the Course Manual sent to you in printed form, shipped along with the other items, for the cost of printing it.


How much does it cost?

I’m just going to keep this part simple. When I first offered this course, it was 4 hour-long teleclasses, and I charged $97 for it.  Now it’s blossomed into much more. Many years of experience and hours of work and love went into this course, but that doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t work for you.

What would it be worth to you interact with others and truly be able to stay strong and clear, no matter what life throws at you? Or to be able to easily get back up and restore a sense of confidence, peace and stability when things do get tough?

Option 1:  Includes everything listed above, with the digital, PDF version of the manual (includes tax & shipping)

Option 2:  Includes everything listed above AND a printed, bound copy of the course manual, (shipped along with the other items)

This course is being updated with new content – check back soon!

My Simple Guarantee

Since I know these tools really do work, I’m going to offer you an old-fashioned, simple guarantee of excellence.  If you invest in this course, and you can honestly say you did the exercises and practiced the tools a few times, and nothing changed for you, then please ship back the manual and the Flash drive (you can keep the candle, crystal and rose tattoo as my thank you for trying the course) anytime within 90 days for a full refund (less any shipping paid).

To order, just click the Buy Now button next to the option you would like – with the printed manual, or without,   and you will be taken to a secure shopping cart via PayPal, where you can use your PayPal account, or use any major credit card to check out.

If you prefer, you may also mail a check, payable to Two Spirits, LLC, 4024 14th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55407  (This may take a little longer while the check clears).

PLEASE NOTE: Consider this a pre-sale, since I have a new edition of the book coming out. I expect to complete the final revisions to the latest book edition in this course shortly, so that your order can be shipped out to you in Spring/Summer of 2015, and possibly sooner.  If you have any questions about your order, feel free to email or call anytime (contact information is listed below).

I am honored and delighted to guide you in discovering these powerful, life-changing tools for staying clear and strong, no matter what!

With love moving through me,

Kay Grace, CAEH

email:  kay@energyexpress.com

phone:  952-292-0480952-292-0480


A little more about KayA graduate of a four year certification program in advanced energy work from Inner Focus School, I’ve also studied Sound Healing extensively with Jonathan Goldman and Sound Accord Healing School.  I’m a published singer & songwriter,  member of the International Sound Healers Association, ABMP, and a valued faculty member in the Integrative Health Education department at Normandale College.


I teach various forms of Sound Healing both nationally and internationally, as a path to personal development and self- healing, as well as training for those who would like to become professional Sound Healing Practitioners.


I have an established private practice offering Sound Healing Therapy and Energy Work and feel honored to have helped thousands of clients access the power of sound to relieve stress, reduce pain, and create deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.