Energy Healing & Intuitive Reading Sessions

What to Expect

Sessions begin with a clear intention, connection to your own deep wisdom, and include the clearing and release of things that don’t align with what you are choosing to bring about (results). Often there is relief from pain, anxiety, stress or feeling stuck. As old patterns and unhelpful beliefs let go, you reconnect to your own true essence and gifts.  Many have reported feeling lighter, more grounded and at ease, with greater clarity, focus and confidence.

Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings can be done in person OR by phone or video. In person sessions may include one or more kinds of vibrational medicine (Energy Work, Sound Healing) as well as messages and insights received (Intuitive Reading).

Types of sessions offered are below.

Kay Grace, CAEH

Sessions, Training & Retreats since 2001


FEATURED SESSION:  Soul Path Reading

In the Soul Path Reading & Energy Clearing, we’ll look deeply at who you really are & what you came to experience on the Soul level. What are your birthright gifts? What challenge is your Soul trying to help you overcome? Once we understand your Soul’s Path, we clear your energy field and release blocks and energetic obstacles to greater happiness, ease and certainty which may be affecting you right now.

Energy Healing HandsHow can this help?

  • Restore good energetic boundaries so it’s easier to be your authentic self.
  • Align your everyday life with your core spiritual values.
  • Experience what it’s like to be you, in a state of clarity and peace that you can call back whenever you need it.

I have had many kinds of healing experiences over the years. Although well-meaning and bringing some relief, they were largely superficial and temporary. True healing, which I am experiencing in sessions with Kay (and sometimes Michael too), is different. I am identifying and breaking through long held blocks and pain histories.  Kay is a master intuitive and sound healer who uses her own beautiful voice, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, and tuning forks to create transformation on a cellular level. Kay is not only an energy healer, but a soul reader who can tune into any misalignment or distress of energy. Ultimately, my spiritual landscape is changing, as is my life, along with the healing of my body, heart, and mind.

Maryanne Beers

Writer, Health Advocate, Sound Healer

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing & Intuitive Readings 

Soul Directed means it’s YOUR Soul which directs the work we do together, and your deep self is the final authority. Whatever session you choose, know that it will be customized to your needs in that moment.

Most sessions take about 60 to 70 minutes, and cost $129.

“Book Now” takes you to online booking for for all Services. To book Energy Healing, Intuitive Reading or Sound Healing sessions, click on the “Wellness” tab. Kay has limited availability that you can book online, however, if you cannot find a time that works for you, click here to email, text or call and we’ll help.

Tools you can use to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. Feed Love, not Fear.

Energy healing

Energy Healing

Get an energy system “re-set.” Release blocks, relax deeply and restore energy flow, providing relief from pain, anxiety and feeling drained or overwhelmed. Shift into peace, calm and well-being.

Energy Healing modalities are chosen based on your unique needs, and we are happy to include elements you’d like in any session – just let us know.

Chakra Balance & Energy Clearing

Feel overwhelmed, drained or more anxious and stressed than usual? Do you feel you may have taken on someone else’s energy? Restoring your chakras and energy system to a clear and balanced state allows you to relax deeply, and release anything that’s no longer helpful. Restore peace & well-being and welcome your own essential energy home. Monthly well-being sessions encouraged!

Energy Healing for Peace & Resilience

Feel sad, overwhelmed, anxious, tired, helpless, or hopeless, but can’t explain why? You may be tapped into the World Energy Current, which is made up of the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and energy created and sustained by the suffering of Earth & all living beings.  It feels more intense than personal issues alone, like grief that won’t heal. Feel nourished and cared for, as we clear and restore you to yourself, able to spring back more easily when things feel painful and out of your control.

Energy Healing, Customized

Energy Healing modalities & techniques are chosen based on your unique needs. Re-set your body and energy field, and welcome peace, calm and well-being. Choose this one when you know you want energy healing, yet may want a different focus than you see in the other sessions listed.

Sacred Contracts & Energetic Tie Cutting

Helpful when you’re facing a relationship challenge, struggle to maintain healthy energy boundaries with someone close, or cannot seem to change unhealthy patterns you have with others, such as as feeling instantly defensive, or being too attached to getting approval.

Energetic contracts, agreements or ties with someone, whether you’re consciously aware of them or not, may hold you in a relationship in a way that no longer serves your highest good. We’ll uncover what those agreements or energetic ties are, and help you change them, or let them go.

Balance Divine & Masculine & Feminine Energies with Kay & Michael


Kay and Michael work together to balance the two energies within. These are energies we all have and are not related to your gender. The masculine is like a riverbank whose structure alllows the river (feminine) to flow. Without a riverbank, the water would evaporate. Together, they powerfully support healing and the flow of creativity. People report feeling that they have re-discovered parts of themselves they felt had gone missing.  Those who were working too hard to make things happen (too much masculine) often feel more ease and balance, as they invite in more of the feminine energy of allowing. Those who find themselves floating from one project to another without getting results (too much feminine) are more able to focus and to create the structure they need without interrupting the flow of energy and ideas. 

Intuitive readings stars milky way

Intuitive Readings

Get clear answers. Understand what you came here to experience on the Soul level, your challenges and gifts, and what’s next for you, or connect with loved ones who have passed on.

Gain confidence and clarity to act on your own deep knowing.


Soul Path Reading & Energy Clearing

We’ll look deeply at who you really are & what you came to experience on the Soul level. What are your birthright gifts? What challenge is your Soul trying to help you overcome? Once we understand your Soul’s Path, we clear your energy field and release blocks and energetic obstacles to greater happiness, ease and certainty which may be affecting you right now.

Intuitive (psychic) Reading, Customized

Understand what you came here to experience on the Soul Level and what’s next for you. Get clear answers about Health, Relationships, Career/Vocation and Financial Well-being. Expect some “aha” moments, and to gain the confidence and clarity to act on this confirmation of your own deep knowing. Divination tools (Tarot cards, Crystal Grids or Kay’s Harmony Wheel™) are sometimes part of these sessions.

Bridging the River - Messages from the Other Side

A psychic medium session to connect with loved ones who have passed on.  Most want to give us comfort or provide clarity about things that weigh on the heart of the person asking for the reading.  I often hear things that reflect personality, manner of speech or sense of humor, and honor the soul I’m speaking with by passing on messages of love and healing for those who are grieving or conflicted over their loss.

Meet Your Guides, Angels & Spirit Helpers

Get to know and connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Animal Totems, Ascended Masters and Teachers who come in service of Love. In most cases, these beings want to help us to evolve and grow, so this is a good way to ask for and invite the comfort and support of these beings of light. Once you ask them, they often provide new insights, messages and confirmation of your own inner knowing about an issue important to you, and help you see more clearly that your life and contributions, whether small or large, truly matter.

Soul Bridge Guided Journey

For relationship insights and healing. Connect on the Soul level in this guided meditation journey to discover the higher purpose for whatever is going on in your life situation. Some relationships are born because the two souls have agreed to play certain roles in each other’s lives or to have a specific experience. When one or both people have grown beyond that, a Soul Bridge can help you decide whether you want that relationship to continue as it is, to heal and transform, or to end if that is what is in the highest good at this time.

Kay is amazing at what she does. I’m a person who loves and is very interested in holistic healing yet hesitates to be fully open with these modalities; she made me feel so comfortable that I opened to the energy healing & intuitive reading easily. Kay is the 1st person I was able to open up with to have a direct experience with another part of myself. You can feel her authentic connection to her healer self and that allows you to comfortably and without fear, access whatever parts of yourself you want a deeper connection with. I without hesitation would recommend Kay.

Loveleen Azad (5 star Google review)

Our Unconditional Guarantee:

We will do everything in our power to provide for your well-being in a safe, peaceful, professional setting where you can let go of worry, stress and pain. If you feel dissatisfied in any way, tell us immediately, and we will gladly refund your money.

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