Energy Work Client Sessions

What to Expect

All of the sessions begin with a clear intention, connection to your own Higher Self wisdom, and include the clearing and release of anything that does not line up with what you are choosing to bring about. This may mean letting go of pain, fear, old beliefs, emotional baggage, difficult relationships, financial worries, and so on. Sessions also include making space for shifting more easily into what you do want, such as health, well-being, peaceful relationships, greater ease, focus and confidence.

Kay GraceBelow is a list of the kinds of sessions I offer. All Energy Work sessions can be done in person OR by phone; and some Sound Healing is often included in those sessions. Full Sound Bath and Sound Immersion sessions are done in person in my Minneapolis, MN location. If you would like to bring one of these Sound Healing experiences to your area, please contact me directly for details; group sessions and private retreats can be customized to your needs.

I recommend that most people start with the Soul Path Reading & Energy Clearing session, to gain a clear understanding of who you really are and what you came here to experience on the Soul level. Together we will uncover your greatest challenges and gifts, clear your energy field, return to a state of well-being and restore good energetic boundaries so it’s easier for you to be your authentic self and align your every day life with your core spiritual values.

Are you ready to get started? Read on and choose the right session for you.

All sessions must be prepaid, and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy, so that if you do not let me know at least 48 hours ahead of time, I will not be able to issue a refund. You may transfer your payment to another session, as long as it is scheduled within 30 days of the original date, and this can only be done two times each calendar year.

Prepaid sessions are non-refundable. Instead, the original value is converted to gift certificates which can be used toward services.  You may use the gift certificates yourself or give it to someone else, and they never expire. The value can be used with either Michael (massage therapy & energy work) or any of Kay’s services.

I will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase, to confirm your appointment and to send you helpful information so you can get the most out of your session.

Once you select your session, and click on the BUY button, you will be directed to a secure PayPal page where you can pay for your session with PayPal or a credit card.

Soul Path Reading & Energy Clearing
In this session, we’ll look deeply at who you really are and what you came here to experience on the Soul level. What are your birthright gifts? What challenge is your Soul trying to help you overcome? What is the soul quality you would most like to embody during this life? Once we understand your Soul’s Path, we will take a look at anything which is blocking you from following it with greater happiness, ease and certainty. We’ll clear and release blocks and energetic obstacles affecting you right now, and you’ll experience what it is like to be you, without those negative influences, so you can learn to call that state of clarity and peace back whenever you need it. This session takes about 60 to 75 min.
Energy Exchange: $117
Ultimate Pain Relief for Physical & Emotional Well-Being

In this series of sessions, we’ll work on the pain itself and the origin of that pain in your energy field and even in your relationship with yourself and others. You can expect to feel a real difference, and to gain new insights into creating a pain-free life, one that is focused on what IS working well. Each session is 50 to 60 minutes long. You can choose from any of the following packages:

3 sessions

Focuses on relieving pain and other life-blocking symptoms and giving the client tools to relieve and manage those symptoms on his or her own.
Energy Exchange: $321
(save $60)

5 sessions

In this series we go deeper into the underlying roots of the issue to resolve anything that you may not be aware of which would rather keep things as they are. As the old is released, you change the focus to bringing in and having what you do want (more peace, well-being, good health, and so on).
Energy Exchange: $ 470
(save $165)

7 sessions

Having more time, we add the component of really learning to trust your own inner wisdom – the guidance from your own Higher Self, so you can get good at living your life from this centered place, regardless of your life situation or circumstances.
Energy Exchange: $629
(save $260)

Choose Your Package

Peace & Calming
For Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation, and to clear and balance your energy centers.
Energy Exchange: 30 minutes: $ 57 / 60 minutes: $117

Higher Self Guidance
For making important life decisions and understanding whatever is currently going on in your life.
Energy Exchange: 30 minutes: $ 57/60 minutes: $117

Sacred Contracts & Energetic Tie Cutting
To become consciously aware of any energetic contracts , ties or agreements you may have made, whether you’re aware of them or not, which hold you in a relationship in a way that may no longer serve your highest good. We’ll uncover what those agreements are, and whether you want to keep them, change them, or let them go. This is especially helpful when you’re facing a relationship challenge, or cannot seem to change unhealthy patterns you have with others, such as feeling instantly defensive, or being too attached to getting approval from someone else.
Energy Exchange: 30 minutes: $ 57/ 60 minutes: $117

Angels, Spirit Guides and Messages from Beyond
This is a way to connect with Angels, your Spirit Guides and even those you love who have passed on, to receive insight, messages and confirmation of your own inner knowing about an issue important to you. It can also be a great comfort to feel the support of these beings of light, or to have a conversation with someone who has passed on. (It is important to know that this is done only with the agreement of that person on a Soul level).
Energy Exchange: 30 minutes: $ 57 / 60 minutes: $117

Soul Bridge
For relationship insights and healing. In this session, you make the connection with another person on the Soul level, so you are free to see the higher purpose for whatever is going on in your life situation. Some relationships are born because the two souls have agreed to play certain roles in each other’s lives so that each one can have a specific experience. When one or both people have grown beyond that, a Soul Bridge can help you decide whether you want that relationship to continue as it is, to heal and transform, or to end if that is what is in the highest good at this time.
Energy Exchange: 60 minutes: $117
Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Balance, with Michael & Kay
Note: This session must be done in person. In this session both Kay and Michael work together with the client to balance the two energies within. (These are energies we all have and are not related to your gender). People report feeling that they have re-discovered a part of themselves they felt had gone missing. Those who were working too hard to make things happen (too much masculine) often feel much more balanced and even, as they invite in more of the feminine energy of allowing. Those who find themselves floating from one project to another without getting results (too much feminine) are more able to focus more and to create the structure they need without interrupting the flow of energy and ideas. Because we are both working with the client at the same time, this is a very powerful session, so please allow time after your session to relax and integrate at home.
Energy Exchange: 60 minutes: $147
Massage, Sound Healing & Energy Work with Michael & Kay
In this session Kay and Michael work together using massage therapy, sound healing and energy work techniques to quickly clear and release mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks which may be stopping you from living the life you want, letting go of old patterns that no longer support you. Together we’ll create a powerful field of healing energy, and help you to anchor in more of what you do want, and to reclaim your own energy for yourself. This is an extremely powerful session, so do not choose this unless you’re ready to go deep, let go of the past, and step into your magnificence!
Energy Exchange: 45 minutes: $147 / 60 Minutes: $187

Our Unconditional Guarantee:

We will do everything in our power to provide for your well-being in a safe, peaceful, professional setting where you can let go of worry, stress and pain. If you feel dissatisfied in any way, tell us immediately, and we will gladly refund your money.
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