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Essential Wellness Special Good Until May 31, 2011

(Must be Purchased by May 31st)

1 Hour Sound Healing Session with Kay – $57 (regularly $117) CODE: EW52011S

To receive the discount from the May Issue for a Sound Healing Session, select the 60 minute session and click on the Buy Now button next to the description below, then type the code EW52011S into the box labeled “add special instruction to seller” in the secure PayPal checkout for an immediate $60 refund, or just give Kay a call if you prefer to connect by phone.

Sound Bath for Deep Peace & Profound Well-Being

Using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystals and Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, Chimes, Voice and music, you are immersed in Sound, chosen specifically for you, to move you into a state of deep peace, and profound well-being. Sound is one of the most powerful of all the energy healing modalities, capable of moving blocks, and shifting your state of being very quickly. This is an amazing, nurturing experience, and the energy will continue to do its healing work with you for several days. Because it is so powerful, the sound bath itself is 30 minutes long, followed by at least 10 minutes of silent integration time. In a 60 minute session you also receive additional energy work.

You can read more about our various energy work and sound healing sessions here:


Sound Healing Retreat on Lake Superior July 22-24, 2011

$50.00 Off  Sound Healing Retreats CODE: EW52011R

To receive the $50 Off discount for the July Sound Healing Retreat on Lake Superior, Click the Harmonic Happiness II Link below for details, then click the Tuition Buy Now button, and type the code EW52011R into the box labeled “add special instruction to seller” in the secure PayPal checkout for an immediate $50 refund, or just give me a call if you prefer to connect by phone.

Harmonic Happiness II Sound Healing retreat on Lake Superior

Sound Healing Training & Education

If you would like to know more about sound healing training  including the Sound Healing mastery Certificate program at Normandale College which will start again in the Fall, go here:


For Free Resources on Sound Healing & More…

If you would like some of the other free resources, such as the PDF of Sound Healing Resources -list of related websites, books and CDs, you can find them here:


Local Sound Healing Meetup Group


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