Higher Self Decision Making

Is there something you need to decide?

Have you ever had a tough time making a decision?  Maybe you’ve had a “gut feeling,” or an intuition, but have felt unsure about following it.

How do you know when it’s just your mind talking, and when it’s solid intuition and true guidance you can trust from your Higher Self ?

In this 11 minute sound healing audio, you’ll experience a unique decision making process I use to answer that question once and for all – so you can trust that the decisions you make are coming from the best part of yourself, the part of you that is not attached to what others think, or to thoughts about what you “should” do,  worries, drama or story.

Instead, you’ll focus on following the path that most supports the life that wants to emerge in you at this time, to honor your authentic self, trusting that what is in your highest good is also in the highest good of all, since we are all connected.

This original sound healing music and guided meditation is about creating in you the energy, space and consciousness that will allow you total ease, clarity and trust with whatever you need to decide.

Please enjoy my new sound healing audio, Higher Self Decision Making; I look forward to hearing your stories about how it works for you!

Higher Self Decision Making  – sound healing audio

To listen, just click on the play button, next to the speaker icon, or the title.

Higher Self Decision Making was written, composed and arranged by myself, Kay Grace, and I would very much appreciate that you honor this by not sharing it with others without my written permission.  Please do not use it for anyone, other than yourself, in any form, whether original or modified, including using it to work with clients, teach any classes, workshops or retreats. Thank you.

Copyright 2012-2017  Kay Grace, All Rights Reserved.

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