Taking good care of yourself is affordable  – you can even share a membership with a spouse or SO!

Please contact me if I can answer any questions:  Michael Freeman, MT, CAEH


If you’re having trouble viewing the Comparison Chart, click the word link to open it as a PDF:

2020 Massage Excellence vs Massage Franchise

 1 Year Monthly Massage Excellence Membership 

How our program works as compared to  Franchises like Massage Envy

What You Get Massage Envy (Franchise) Massage Excellence (Customized)
Same Massage Therapist each time? No, whoever is available Yes, who knows you & your needs
Massage Therapist with over 19 years’ experience No, could be brand new OR experienced Yes, Michael has 19 years massage exp., a 4 year advanced certification in energy work, focus touch shiatsu, cranial sacral flow therapy, & is a Reiki master
Unconditional Guarantee, or your money back No Yes, We will do everything we can to provide for your well-being in a safe, peaceful, professional setting. If you feel dissatisfied in any way, tell us immediately, and we will gladly refund your money.  (You must let us know after your first session)
Is Additional Cash Needed at Each Session? Yes, Tips Expected, from $15 to $35 each time No cash needed:  As professional holistic practitioners, we do not expect tips.   All Sessions include 8.025% MN Sales Tax
Sessions last the whole time advertised No, 10 minutes  subtracted for getting dressed Yes, 1 hour session means 60 minutes of massage
Members receive a 1 hour massage each month for 12 months, with a 1 year agreement & auto payments Yes, monthly auto-charge is $69 + tips expected at each appointment = $80 – $90 total  (for a 60 min session)
Yes, monthly auto-charge is $77 for 60 min
90 minute session membership is $113   2 hours – $152.    For monthly Deep Tissue work, add $10                     8.025% MN Sales Tax is included.     No tips expected
Do they rollover if I don’t use them? Yes, and you can use them anytime once they are “banked.” Yes, and you can use them anytime once they are “banked.”
Do unused massages expire at the end of the year? Yes Yes, unless you renew for another year
Can I gift one to someone else? Yes, for a charge of $10; cannot be given to same person more than once Yes, for NO charge; cannot be given to same person more than once, or who is already in one of our packages or membership program
Do you Offer Introductory Massage Rates? Yes,  1 hour is $60 + $20 tip= $80 total 1.5 hours is $74 + $30 tip = $104 total Yes,  1.5 hours is $77 – no tips expected
Can Members Get Additional Massages at Reduced Rates? (if they want more than 12 in a year)

Yes,  1 hour is $49 + $20 tip= $69 total 1.5 hours is $67 + $30 tip = $97 total

2.0 hours is $88 + $35 tip = $115 total

Yes,  1 hour is $67     1.5 hours is $103

2.0 hours is $142

How much are Non-Member Massages?

1 hour is $78 + $20 tip= $98 total         1.5 hours is $114 + $30 tip = $144 total

2.0 hours is $156 + $35 tip = $191 total

1 hour is $92        1.5 hours is $132

2.0 hours is $172, (includes energy work, if desired)

Do Members get Guest Passes for Friends? Yes, for one Intro Priced Massage; Guest is responsible for tip Yes, our Spoil-A-Friend Cards can be given to anyone who has not been here before, and is good for a 1.5 hour Introductory Massage at the rate of $67 plus a small surprise gift. (available only to members). We also offer 1 free massage for every two new people who come for a session.  No Tip expected.

NEW:   You can share a membership with a spouse or SO living at the same address.


Sounds Great!  How do I sign up?


Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button for the level of membership you would like – 60, 90 or 120 minute sessions, and you will be taken to a secure checkout page on PayPal.com, where you can pay with your PayPal account, or use a credit card.  Check out our FAQs below for more details!

Choose Session Length

Membership FAQs and Details

How does the 12 month agreement work?

We like to keep things simple.  When you enroll, you are agreeing to allow us (Two Spirits, LLC) to set up a recurring charge through your PayPal account once each month for 12 months,or to use your specified credit card with our merchant provider Square,  which automatically charges the agreed-upon amount (60 or 90 or 120 minute sessions) on the 8th of each month for those who use Square, or for PayPal, the payment happens on the same date each month as when you signed up.  You also accept responsibility for any unpaid balance for the 12 months if your provided credit card or PayPal account does not have the necessary funds to make the payment, as well as any fees resulting from the issue, such as a bank fee, if there is one.

Cancellation is not allowed before 12 months. Even if you do not use services, you are agreeing to pay for 12 months. You can access the Member Agreement and the Comparison Chart as PDFs by opening the last question on this page.  By selecting the Subscribe button, you are acknowledging that you have read and will abide by the terms of the agreement.

Can I use my Health Savings Account credit or debit card, or another Credit card instead of PayPal?

Yes. We can set up a recurring payment with a credit card via Square, our other provider – just let us know your preference.  We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx.  The form for this is available as a PDF download below – you can print it off and bring it to your next appointment when you come in, so that all the information will remain secure.  We normally send a reminder email the month before your current membership ends, so you can decide what you would like to do.

As long as your HSA account card allows it – please check to be sure therapeutic massage is an accepted use in your specific program.  If you need receipts for your Flex account to be reimbursed, just let us know and we’ll provide them.  Please call Kay at 612-568-8304 with any questions.

How does sharing a membership with a spouse or significant other work?

We know it can be challenging sometimes to take care of yourself every month with massage, even when you want to!  We now offer a solution. To share a membership, we’ll just need the second person’s name and address.  This can be a spouse, significant other or family member, preferably one who lives at the same address as you. We like to think of family as a way to describe people in a loving and close relationship, rather than limiting it to a legal definition. 

One person is responsible for the payments, and it’s up to you and your co-member to decide who gets how many and when!  The only difference is that any additional massages in a given month are not discounted any further, and remain at the regular member price you chose (example: $77 each time for 60 minutes).

What if I want to cancel?

Because we are offering a substantial discount on services, cancellations are not allowed.  You are agreeing to pay all 12 payments, even if you don’t use the services.  If you are facing unexpected life changes such as moving out of state, physical or financial difficulties, we encourage you to be creative.  You are welcome to find someone else to take over your remaining months of agreement for services, with our written permission, and you can always give remaining sessions to others as gift certificates as per the agreement – just let us know.

FYI, For PayPal, and for recurring Invoicing with Square, the membership stops automatically after 12 months.  For everyone, including those with credit cards on our membership forms, we normally send a courtesy reminder email the month before, so you can decide whether or not you’d like to renew.  

Where can I find the Membership Agreement & the Comparison Chart Details?

You can open or download them here as PDF’s – just click on the name of the one you want.

Membership Agreement & Credit Card Form:

2020 Massage Membership Agreement

Membership Information & Comparison Chart:

2020 Massage Excellence vs Massage Franchise


I look forward to being a part of your investment in taking care of yourself – please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Michael Freeman, MT, CAEH– Massage Therapy & Energy Work since 2001

For scheduling or billing questions, please contact Kay at 612-568-8304