Having read the information sheet for Two Spirits, LLC Membership program, I understand and agree to the following:

¨ No cash needed:  as professional holistic practitioners, we do not expect tips

¨ 1 hour session = 60 minutes massage; 1.5 hour session = 90 minutes; 2.0 hour session = 120 minutes

¨ Your designated credit card or PayPal account will be auto-debited each month for 12 months for a total of:

 ____ $67 for 60 minute sessions       ____$107 for 90 minute sessions ____$147 for 120 minute sessions

____Add $10 for Deep Tissue Work

Auto-debit will take place either on the 8th of each month, (or closest business day) OR the same day of the month on which you registered, if using PayPal or Square Recurring Invoice.                                  ______Initial HERE

Cancellation is not allowed before 12 months. Even if you do not use services, you are agreeing to pay for 12 months.

¨ You can use your Sessions anytime once they are “banked.” Sessions do not roll over into the next year, unless you renew for another year.  

¨ You may give away any unused sessions, for NO charge except that they cannot be given to same person more than once, or to someone who is already in one of our packages or membership program.

¨ To reschedule an appointment: Let us know at least  48 hours ahead of time by phone or text (NOT email).  If we don’t hear from you, that month’s session will be considered used, and will not be rolled over or banked.  If there is a serious emergency, please talk to us; it may be possible to bank a session in these cases.  PH:  612-518-1036 or 612-568-8304.

¨ Additional Massage available, beyond the 12 monthly sessions for our Members, based on your  regular session time:

1 hour is $57    1.5 hours is $97       2.0 hours is $127

Upgrades to regular sessions:

Add 30 min to 60 min session:   $29

Add 30 min to 90 min session: $49

¨ Members get Guest Passes for Friends:   Spoil-A-Friend Cards can be given to anyone who has not been here before, and is good for a 1.5 hour Introductory Massage at the VIP rate of $67 plus a small surprise. We also offer a free massage for every two new people who come in for a session—Refer 2; Get 1 Free—available only to members.