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Please enjoy these resources and tools, from mini-meditations, recommendations for sound healing books, CDs and more,  to transcripts and audios from Guest Experts in the field of Transformation & Personal Growth from my other blog, Stress Free In 7 Minutes.

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Energy Healing Basics: Kay Grace is Interviewed by Living Energy Secrets. How it works, why it is emerging  more into the mainstream as a powerful self-healing tool, relationship to spirituality: 56 minutes. Listen Here

Brad & KayGuest Expert Interview with EFT Wizard and master practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique), Brad Yates (from Kay’s Stress Free In 7 Minutes Blog). Includes two tapping rounds on stepping into your magnificence, and letting go of  fear:  47 minutes Listen Here

Paul & KayGuest Expert Interview with Learning Strategies C0-Founder Paul Scheele, author of Photo Reading, Natural Brilliance, Drop Into Genius and more (from Kay’s Stress Free In 7 Minutes Blog). Includes a powerful guided meditation with Paul:  35 minutes Listen Here

Blair & KayGuest Expert Interview with Blair Singer, Author Little Voice Mastery, Visionary Sales Trainer, and  Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad Sales Advisor (from Kay’s Stress Free In 7 Minutes Blog). Includes a fantastic  guided visualization to help you stand in your power and know how “big” you really are:  58 minutes Listen Here

Higher Self Decision Making – This is a 5 minute guided visualization to walk you through how to make a decision using your own inner wisdom, you Higher Self, that you can trust to be in the highest good for you.  You’ll get to experience what your body and energy system feels like for a “YES,” and what it feels like for a “NO.”

Length:  5 Minutes

PDFs – Interview Transcripts, Resource Guides, Exercises & Articles
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Sound Healing Resource List: Websites sources for sound healing information and tools, great book and CD recommendations

Guest Expert Interview with EFT Wizard, Brad Yates – Transcript

Guest Expert Interview with Learning Strategies Co-Founder Paul Scheele – Transcript

Guest Expert Interview with Blair Singer, Author Little Voice Mastery – Transcript

Breathing Expansion Exercise – Article by Kay Grace
Here’s an exercise to increase conscious awareness & manage emotion or repetitive (non-supportive) thoughts.  The same technique works really well to manage and reduce physical pain.

Being in Harmony with Thoughts – Article by Kay Grace

Finding Real Love – Article by Kay Grace

Money & Spirituality – Article by Kay Grace

Here is a wonderful 7 minute Chakra Tune-Up Video by Jonathan Goldman – an excellent Sound Healing teacher, author and musician:

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