Sound Healing, Energy Work & Massage Therapy with Kay & Michael: BOGO Cyber Monday!

To Honor & Appreciate our Amazing Clients, their Friends & Families…

BOGO – Buy One; Get One FREE!

Sound Healing, Energy Work & Massage Therapy Combined Sessions

with Kay & Michael!

NEW THIS YEAR! –   30 minute Sound Healing Chakra Balance

followed by a 45 minute Palm Reading with Kay

Now, Cyber Monday Dec. 1st through Fearless Friday yeah – made that one up 🙂

Dec. 5th- 2014 at MIDNIGHT Central Time!

When you buy one session from the list below, you will receive 2 vouchers or gift certificates for that same kind of session. Buy one for yourself and use the second one as a gift! as long as the energy investment (price) is the same.

For example, you could choose (1) Sound Healing Chakra Balance with Palm Reading and  (1) Energy Constellation Alignment with Michael, or simply 2 of the same kind of session, (2) Sound Healing & Massage Sessions with Kay & Michael.

Just let us know when you place your order if you would like us to mail a gift certificate as well. (Gift certificates are lovely, hand-created with special paper, and come with a small crystal).

Whatever you choose, you can use any time; there is no expiration to worry about.

Choose from the following sessions for your BOGO:

**** SESSIONS with Kay

Sound Healing Chakra Balance & Immersion followed by a Palm Reading

In this session, we’ll use the sound healing tools of voice, Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls &  Tuning Forks  for about 30 minutes to balance and align your chakras, helping you relax deeply and move into a state of clarity and peace. Then Kay will do about a 40-45 minute Palm Reading (some of you may not know that  she has done this professionally as a psychic intuitive since 1994).

Bring your questions about love & relationships, finances, health and your spiritual path and life purpose, and discover what your future is likely to hold if you follow the current path you’re on.

Did you know that the lines on your palm can change in as little as two weeks?  That’s because ANYTHING that presents itself in your palm reading can be changed – our futures are fluid and depend on who we are being (the frequency we radiate and carry) and what we are doing (the actions we take). When you change your energy, feelings, thoughts and connection to Source, the lines in your palms also change as your life unfolds. Come in and see what’s next for you!   This session takes about 75 minutes, and is done in person.

Energy Investment: $177 – You GET 2 for this investment – that’s only $88.50 each!

**** COMBINED Session with Kay & Michael

Massage,  Sound Healing & Energy Work with Kay & Michael

In this session Kay and Michael work together using massage therapy, sound healing and energy work techniques to quickly clear and release mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks which may be stopping you from living the life you want, letting go of old patterns that no longer support you. Together we’ll create a powerful field of healing energy, and help you to anchor in more of what you do want, and to reclaim your own energy for yourself. This is an extremely powerful session, so do not choose this unless you’re ready to go deep, let go of the past, and step into your magnificence! This session must be done in person.
Energy Investment: $187 You GET 2 for this investment – that’s only $93.50 each!

***** SESSIONS with Michael

Energy Constellation & Alignment, with Michael

Energy Constellation Alignment –   like chiropractic for your energy field!

A primary principle of energy healing is that symptoms and suffering, whether physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, first occur in the Human Energy Field, and the stronger this dissonant or chaotic energy becomes, the greater the impact it will have on the person.  When we change the energy field, symptoms and behaviors also change.

Michael reads your energy field and works in the subtle & physical layers to activate and open the Points of Light in your Human Energy Field which will create greater harmony, well-being and energetic alignment  with whatever is most needed to help you connect your true self & highest purpose with your heart’s desires.  Below are some examples of what you can choose to focus on in your session.

Manifestation Points – Prosperity, Creativity, Increasing Flow

Health Points – Awakening Your Inner Healer & Restoring Your Optimum Health Blueprint

Love Points – Erase fear & become more open to being in a loving relationship, which honors both people, as they are.  Open to seeing yourself as Beloved, and to inviting another to do the same.

Soul Path Points – Drop the barriers that stop you from reclaiming your power to live your everyday life from a foundation of Love & Service.  Open yourself to  greater alignment with your soul path & purpose – what you came here to experience and the gifts you came to share with a world that needs them now.

The purpose of all sessions is to ground the changes in your energy field into your  daily life.

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood carry water.”

Energy Investment: $177 You GET 2 for this investment – that’s only $88.50 each!

As always, feel free to call or email with any questions!

With love moving through us,

Kay Grace & Michael Freeman

Energy Work, Sound Healing & Massage Therapy since 2001