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The track is called Opening, and is from my new CD Crystal & Piano which will be released in early November, 2015.

Crystal & Piano is a collaboration of two musicians: Sound Healer, Singer/Songwriter Kay Grace, & Pianist/Composer Steven C. Anderson who allowed themselves to be vessels for healing sound created with voice, piano and crystal singing bowls. The intention is Love, Love and more Love…

Kay  & Steven C both love to create music by allowing it to come through, with intention, in the moment. This CD was born from that shared passion. We did not rehearse any of the music ; we just recorded live for two days in Steven’s studio overlooking the Mississippi River Valley and the Twin Cities – he at his magnificent Bosendorfer Grand Piano, and me with the Crystal Singing Bowls . The result is the best of those recordings.

Enjoy listening as you would with any music, though it’s especially good to find a place where you can relax, and really let the sounds wash over and through you.

Feel free to browse the rest of the website to learn more about sound healing, how it works, or to learn about retreats, classes and events.  The website is being completely renovated, so what’s here is a bit bare bones.  Come on back in mid-November once the CD is released, and enjoy new articles, helpful videos and audios, and more.  We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

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“Voice, Crystal Singing Bowls & Piano come together to create sound healing music with a dreamy yet grounded feel, a little like Sara McLaughlin, (if she sang without words in a forest, and partnered with an amazing pianist, and they had coffee with Enya, but only for 30 seconds…): its intended to open the heart, and deepen connection to Spirit, True Self & Soul.”

Kay Grace & Steven C. Anderson

Kay & Steven