Sound Healing Retreats

Explore the Power of Sound, Play, Be Restored.

Sound in Sacred Places - Wellness Travel Retreats

Relax Deeply, Honor the Earth, Embrace Play & Wonder

BWCA:  Wilderness Magic

Canoe & Camp, Starry Skies, Forest Bathing, + Sound Healing

August 21-26, 2024

Breathe in fresh air, surrounded by 10 million acres of pine forest, and peaceful lakes. Swim, relax and listen to the call of loons, owls and eagles and be restored to yourself. Float in canoes under Starry Skies on a guided Sound Journey and experience daily Forest Bathing to refresh your spirit.  Share songs, stories, and poems around the fire and sing blessings to this place of spiritual power & beauty. Camping/canoeing beginners are welcome.

Iceland:  Awe & Wonder

Midnight Sun, Waterfalls, Thermal Baths, Hiking, Whale Watching + Sound Healing

July 24-29, 2025

Stay in the Golden Circle, a famous scenic route where we’ll visit a geyser, hike along blue rivers & waterfalls and relax in thermal baths. Visit a magical place (seen in Game of Thrones), learn old Icelandic songs and sing blessings to the stones, water, nature beings and ancestors – it has to be seen to be believed. And a Whale Watching tour. And the Sky Lagoon. And Sound Healing…!

Previous Retreats

Rainforest view

Puerto Rico: Rainforest Recharge

Beaches & Sun  Bioluminescent Bay +  Sound Healing & Earth Medicine

April 7-13, 2024 – look for this again Winter, 2025

Enjoy a day on the world’s most beautiful beach on the island of Culebra;  See the bioluminescent bay light up around your hand in the water on a nightime electric boat tour;  Spend 3 nights in an Ecolodge surrounded by Rainforest, Waterfalls and the songs of Coqui frogs. And the food!  And Sound Healing…!

Sound Healing Experiences - Weekend Retreats

Access the Healing Power of Sound, Relax Deeply, Explore, Be Restored.

Sound Healing retreat lake superior

Cedar Cliff on Lake Superior

Earth Medicine + Sound Healing, Waves on the Shore of the “Inland Sea,” Explore your Intuitive Gifts.

October 10-13th, 2024

Stay in a beautiful retreat home, right on the shores of Lake Superior, near Tofte, MN. Access the healing power of Sound, Earth Energy, and explore your own Intuitive Gifts. Create Peace, Power and Joy in this experiential, restorative retreat.

….for Empaths, Holistic Healers & Teachers, Caregivers, Intuitive Readers, Spiritual travelers and anyone who wants to play in the Sound Current and explore or expand their Intuitive Gifts to heal themselves and others.

Kettle river wolf falls sound healing retreat

Kettle River, MN:  Sound & Silence

Embodying Love in Chant, Toning, Song Ceremony & Silence.

2024 Fall Date TBA soon!

Sound & Silence is a beautiful immersion into Toning, & Singing the Divine name from many spiritual traditions, balanced with Silence to integrate, renew and refresh you in body, mind and soul.  Open your heart, and express your longing for Unity with Deep Love through Sacred Sound,  aligning what your Spirit & Soul came here to experience with wherever you are right now on your journey.

Let go of judgment, trying to fix things, or trying to do enough so you will be enough. Let go of trying to be perfect, as you remember you already are that!

As we sing the many names of something greater than ourselves, surrender, trust, and let go of the need to be somewhere other than where you are. Learn to embody the frequency of Divine Love in your everyday life, discovering how to BE that love, with whatever IS in front of you.


Sound Healing Mastery -Training & Certification

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Tools you can use to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. Feed Love, not Fear.