Sound Healing Training Duluth, MN

Sound Healing Mastery Level I

Certificate Program in Duluth, MN with Kay Grace, CAEH

The Sound Healing Mastery Level I Certificate Program in Duluth, MN with Kay Grace, CAEH, is a series of 1 evening and 8 day long classes held on weekends.  It’s designed to build a solid foundation in the understanding and practice of vibrational or sound therapy.

In some locations, the program is offered as a 9 day intensive – , in other locations it is a series of 4 retreats, while others offer a day class format with no overnight component.  Duluth is offered in the day class format.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  There are also some 2-3 hour sound healing classes being scheduled in Duluth in October -December 2011 – scroll down for more information.

“What Will I Learn?”

You’ll learn the science and the art of sound healing, and why it is emerging as a highly respected treatment modality in the field of mind-body medicine and integrative health and wellness.

The learning environment is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques, as well as a grounded experience and practice in actually using those tools.  We cover the What, the How (step by step) and the Why – why it matters to each student, and why it matters in the greater world, as well as how you can use sound healing in your every day life and in the lives of those you may choose to serve.

Some take the series in order to become a sound healing practitioner who works with clients to help them clear mental, emotional and physical roadblocks, while others take the series or an individual class in order to heal themselves.  Still others choose to learn about sound healing as a rich path to personal growth, or to deepen their understanding of the profound impact music and sound have on all of our lives.

Whether you take one class or all 9 to receive your certificate, you will come away with a new appreciation of the healing power of sound, and a some new ways to use sound to clear blocks and harmonize with whatever is happening.

For those who complete the series, you will learn:

  • To develop your intuition and connection to your Higher Self
  • To trust the Yes/No signal you receive so you’ll always know what’s right for you
  • To use sound to clear and release mental, physical, emotional or spiritual blocks
  • How sound works with the human energy system and the chakras
  • How sound and movement work together to shift your energy state
  • Drums, Earth music and an experience of shamanic journey with sound
  • Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowl healing protocols and use
  • Tuning Fork sound therapy practices and protocols
  • The purpose and use of Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystals
  • Voice as a sound healing tool – from mantras & chants to toning and harmonics (overtone singing)
  • Energetic Boundaries and the Ethics of Healing

Detailed Class Descriptions

You can read details for each of the 9 classes below; they are the same as those on the Normandale College page for the Sound Healing Mastery Certificate Program.  Although the series for Level I is offered in slightly different formats, depending on location,  the content is basically the same.

Those who choose the retreat or intensive experiences (Bemidji, MN; Erie, PA) also receive some additional time to practice with one another, as well as a few things we just don’t have time for in the day series, including a professional guest musician (concert), a live music with meditation experience, and some powerfully transformative group practices.

You can choose to take any of the classes listed below by themselves, or take the entire series at a discount.  An installment payment plan is  also available for those who commit to taking the entire series.

McCabe Renewal Center, Duluth, MN

Classes will be begin in Duluth at the beautiful McCabe Renewal Center starting Friday, January 20th, 2012 (2.5 hour Intro. class) followed by Saturday January 21, and Sunday January 22.

The last pair of weekend day classes concludes on April 28th and 29th, 2012.

There will also be some half day and evening sound healing experiences in Duluth in October,  November, and December 2011, which you can register for as well.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

Sound Bath Immersion  Experience – Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church  October 22,  1:00 to 4:00pm

In this introduction to sound healing, we’ll create a powerful experience designed to shift you out of worry and stress back into Joy, deep Peace and Connection to Who You Really Are.

Learn someways to use sound to clear mental, physical and emotional roadblocks

Experience immersion into a Sound Bath with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Drums and our own Voices as we create a circle of healing sound designed to guide you into deep relaxation and bliss.

Energy Exchange:  $30

Erin Dewitt, local sound healer, of Deep Peace Wellness Studio in Duluth, is also offering a beautiful exploration of Sound Healing as an afternoon class on Sunday, October 23rd, from 3:00pm-5:30pm.

Learn about the use of sound in various cultures, and experience the effects of toning sacred vowels to restore harmony and balance.  Make it a weekend of sound!  You can find details and registration information on Erin’s website HERE.

Erin has also trained with Jonathan Goldman, and is a member of the International Sound Healers Association.  Erin will be a guest co-presenter in Class #3 in the certificate series – Voice I-  in February 2012.

Sound Healing Mastery Level I Certificate Program Classes:

INTRODUCTION CLASS: Sound Healing Basics Friday 6:30-9:00pm; January 20, 2012

Discover how sound healing works and why it is emerging as a highly respected and invaluable treatment method in the field of integrative health and wellness. Learn to use basic sound healing tools to shift into any state of being you want, and find out how sound is used to clear mental, physical and emotional roadblocks, and to harmonize with your environment. Experience an introduction to Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Drums, a Sound Bath, and your own Voice to create a circle of healing sound.

This Intro class is offered on a donation basis – part of the proceeds will go to the McCabe Renewal Center to help them continue to offer space for programs that lift the spirit. Minimum suggested donation is $40; any amount is appreciated.

Suggested Donation: $40

CLASS 1: The Healing Power of Sound – Foundation Sat 9am – 4pm; January 21, 2012

Explore the art and science of Sound Healing through immersion and hands on experiential learning. We will cover the how and the why, as well as an overview of the chakras and the Human Energetic System as it relates to Sound Healing. You’ll learn how to connect with your Higher Self and to trust the guidance it brings. We’ll cover the ethics of vibrational therapy, and how not to project your own issues into a healing session, and the importance of doing your own healing work on yourself. As you are introduced to the tools of sound healing, you’ll practice giving and receiving mini sound sessions, and learn some simple yet powerful practices to incorporate into your everyday life, including the use of your own unique sound signature.

Single Class #1: $147

CLASS 2: Sounding the Earth – Drums, Dance & Didgeridoo  Sun – 9am-3pm; January 22, 2012

Sound healing has been around for thousands of years, and many of these methods are just as powerful today as they were then. From tribal or ecstatic dance, to rhythm, drums and the didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines, these ancient sounds connect us to the Earth in a primal way, as the vibrations make us want to move. Shamans have used drums to anchor those traveling into other dimensions, while others have used drums to call in a state of being, create a ritual, raise energy, or to release a stuck or stagnant energy. You’ll learn to use drums, movement and earth music to feel more grounded, and to let go of anything that is not serving your highest good.

Single Class #2: $147

CLASS 3: Voice I – Your Soul Signature Sat 9am – 4pm; February 25, 2012

Intention is everything, but what if you’re not aware of them all? Learn to recognize when something is honoring your authentic Voice, and when it is not. Uncover unconscious “ counter intentions” which may be blocking you from your highest potential. Use your voice to shift your energy with sound toward greater harmony and toward what you DO want, while letting go of whatever is no longer serving your highest good. We’ll explore the ancient art of chanting and sacred mantras to experience this first hand.

Guest presenter: TBA with Sacred Mantras and Toning

Single Class #3: $147

CLASS 4: Voice II – As a Healing Tool Sun 9am – 3pm; February 26, 2012

Your voice is the most powerful of all the sound healing tools. Learn how to tone to clear and balance the energy centers in yourself and others, as well as how to use the voice to dissolve physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual blocks. We’ll practice how to use toning to do distance healing and healing with groups of people. We’ll also cover using the voice as a diagnostic tool, and an introduction to overtone singing, also known as vocal harmonics. You’ll learn how to use your voice effectively without hurting your throat or vocal cords.

Single Class #4: $147

CLASS 5: Singing Metals – Tibetan Bowls, Chimes & Tuning Forks Sat 9am – 4pm; March 17, 2012

Learn how to use Tibetan Bowls to balance the energy centers, to clear blocks and to entrain a person into a state of peace and calming. These amazing metal singing bowls can also be used to determine where a block may be in the energy system. Tuning forks, Metal chimes and Ting-Shas are additional sound healing tools from the singing metals family; learn how they work and practice some great self-care methods as well as ways to work with others to balance and harmonize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You’ll learn to use tuning forks both on the body at acupressure points, as well as off the body, in the energy field, depending on the desired outcome.

Single Class #5: $147

CLASS 6: Sounding the Light; Color & Clarity Sun 9am – 3pm; March 18, 2012

Sound waves are actually physical matter (atoms and molecules), where light waves are electromagnetic and appear as different colors when dispersed through a prism. Learn how to use sound, light and color together to create a powerful healing effect. Many healing systems connect specific colors to specific chakras or energy centers, and specific sounds to certain colors as well, while others feel that any color can be “encoded” onto any sound, as long as the intention is clear. You’ll learn to work with colors in both ways, and to trust your intuition about which method is best in a particular situation.

Single Class #6: $147

CLASS 7: Crystal and Clairaudience Sat 9am – 4 pm; April 28, 2012

Crystals, whether as stones or as singing bowls, amplify, transform, store, focus, transfer and transmute energy. Our bodies also contain “crystalline structures,” as bones, and the myelin sheaths of the nervous system. This is why using crystal is so powerful as a sound healing tool – it affects us “bone deep.” Crystals also connect us to both the earth (through crystal stones from the earth) and the angelic realm, through the high vibrational and high frequency sounds of crystal singing bowls. When we master the use of crystal, we open ourselves to become an instrument of transmission and reception – of messages from those higher realms. Learn how to use crystal with sound effectively both for healing and to develop your intuition and clairaudience (the power to hear sounds which exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience, such as messages from angels).

Single Class #7: $147

CLASS 8: Ethics & Sound Healing Practice – Foundation Sun 9am-3pm March 29, 2012

Now that you’ve learned the tools and gained real experience in using sound to help real people, it’s time to step into your new role as a guide and healing presence. You will learn how to conduct a complete Sound Healing session with a friend or client, from intake and regulatory concerns, to asking from the heart for your client to book their next appointment. We’ll cover the ethics of vibrational therapy in more depth, and how to create and maintain good energetic boundaries so that you can keep your energy strong and clear while you help others. We’ll discuss the importance of doing your own self-healing work, and provide useful tools for a daily practice to keep you clear and grounded, and provide resources for times when the healer needs healing!

Single Class #8: $147

Payment Options:

Option 1: Take the entire series of 8 classes, and receive a discount for paying all at once.  Total cost: $977

**Saves $200.  This option is not refundable after December 30th, 2011 unless the entire series is canceled.

Entire Series – All 8 Classes: $997

Option 2: Commit to the entire series of 8 classes, and make 6 payments of $177 each, for a Total cost of $1062

**Saves $114.   Payments of $177 each will be automatically debited from your PayPal or credit card account for 6 months.  This option is not refundable after December 30th, 2011 unless entire series is canceled.

Entire Series – All 8 Classes in 6 monthly payments of $177 each

Option 3: Take classes individually, and pay as you go (no discount) for $147 each, which is $1176 for all 8 classes – just use the “Single Class” Add to Cart Buttons above.

Unconditional Guarantee: I’ll do everything I can to create a fantastic learning experience and to honor your trust in me.  When you attend your first class, stay until noon.  If you are not happy with your experience, I will refund your tuition on the spot, and we will part as friends.

Heart Based Cancellation/Refund Policy: Because holding this series of classes in Duluth will mean I must cover the costs far in advance, your  payment is non-refundable, unless I receive written notice of cancellation 30 calendar days in advance of the class start date.  If any classes are canceled due to weather or other emergency, those classes will be rescheduled, or you may choose to have your tuition payment transferred to a different class, retreat or to Energy Express gift certificates, good for massage therapy, energy work or sound healing sessions (energy work and intuitive readings can also be done by phone).

You are welcome to take the entire series, or individual classes that interest you, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have ( 952-292-0480).