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What to Expect

Sessions begin with a clear intention and connection to your own deep wisdom. Sound Healing does many of the things Energy Healing does, and also has a profound effect on your nervous system, moving you into slower brain wave states. This quieting of your body and thinking mind allows the clearing and release of things that don’t align with what you are choosing to bring about (results). Often there is relief from pain, anxiety, stress or feeling stuck.  As you release what’s no longer working, you also fill up with your own true essence and healing energy based on your intention. Many have reported feeling lighter, more grounded and at ease, with greater clarity, focus and confidence. Sound Healing is done in person, and may include some Energy Work, as well as messages and insights received (Intuitive Reading). Types of sessions offered are below.

Kay Grace

Kay Grace, CAEH Sessions, Training & Retreats since 2001

FEATURED SESSION:  Massage, Sound Healing & Energy Work with Michael & Kay

In this session Kay and Michael work together using massage therapy, sound healing and energy work techniques to clear and release old patterns, blocks and overwhelm. Realign your energy field and body and connect with your wise and loving deeper self. Together we’ll create a powerful field of healing energy to help anchor more of what you do want, and to reclaim your own energy for yourself in this very impactful session. When you’re ready to go deep, let go of the past, and step into your magnificence, choose this. massage, energy healing, sound healing, craniosacral  therapy

How can this help?

  • Release and repattern in a safe way, at the perfect speed & intensity for you, so it’s easier to be your authentic self.
  • Access your body’s wisdom and feel deeply nurtured.
  • Experience  a state of clarity and deep peace that you can call back whenever you need it.
Kay & Michael’s energy and sound healing modalities, along with therapeutic massage is unlike anything I have experienced before. Aligning Michael’s healing energy and mastery of anatomy and massage with Kay, who is a master intuitive and sound healer (using her own beautiful voice, singing bowls and tuning forks) has created deep and lasting transformation, helping me to release fear, stress and worry on emotional, mental, psychic and physical levels. I feel so safe and cared for. In one session, Kay placed and moved tuning forks along either side of my spine as Michael worked on my calve muscles. This combination of massage and vibration created a sensation of having a clear and pure energetic waterfall gently pouring through me and I experienced true and deep physical relaxation, which I had not felt since I was a child. I felt like I had a soul reading and tune-up at the same time and felt absolutely at peace.
Maryanne Beers

Writer, Health Advocate, Sound Healer

Sound Healing sessions are Soul Directed 

Soul Directed means it’s YOUR Soul which directs the vibrational work we do together, and your deep self is the final authority. Whatever session you choose, know that it will be customized to your needs in that moment. Most sessions take about 60 -70 minutes, and cost $129.

“Book Now” takes you to online booking for for all Services. To book Sound Healing, Sound Baths for One or Two, sessions with Kay & Michael, or Crystal Singing Bowl Shop appointments, click on the “Wellness” tab. Kay has limited availability that you can book online, however, if you cannot find a time that works for you, click here to email, text or call and we’ll help.

Tools you can use to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. Feed Love, not Fear.

Sound healing Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls

Sound Healing & Sound Baths

Access the ancient Healing Power of Sound Relieve stress, reduce pain. Experience deep healing and profound relaxation in customized Sound Healing sessions focused on you. Sound Baths (aka Sound Immersion Experiences) for One, Two or Groups are also offered.
Sound Healing, Customized
Using Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, Chimes, & Voice, you are immersed in Sound chosen specifically for you, based on your unique needs, to move you into a state of deep peace, and profound well-being . Sound is a powerful energy healing modality, capable of moving blocks, reducing pain, and shifting your state of being very quickly. Brief intuitive readings are sometimes part of your session to empower you to direct your own journey to well-being.
Sound Healing for Peace and Calming (30 min)
Using Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, Chimes, & Voice, be immersed in Sound chosen specifically for you, to move into a state of deep peace, and profound well-being. This 30-minute session is a good way to “try on” sound healing. Choose this for Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation.
Sound Bath for One or Two People
Sound Baths calm the nervous system, heal, nourish, and relieve stress so you can relax deeply and connect with your inner joy and wisdom.  You will be fully clothed, lying on a massage table or comfortable padded mat while a unique blend of healing sounds is created for you with Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, and Voice. Includes a brief Harmony Wheel (TM) reading to help you discover what frequency or state of being most supports you right now. For One person:    Takes about 60 min, and cost is $129 For Couples or Two Friends:  Takes about 70 min, and cost is $169
Sound Baths for Groups
Sound Immersion Experiences (aka Sound Baths) for groups provide the same benefits as those for individuals, but without the brief reading. This can be a very powerful and economical way to experience a Sound Bath. Done in larger spaces, such as Yoga studios, they take about 60 – 75 minutes.  Together, Kay and Michael create a beautiful soundscape with over 21 Crystal Singing Bowls, Voice, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning forks, chimes and Drums, along with brief guided meditations or mini-journeys as it begins and ends. We offer our own Sound Baths for groups through our Meetup: Sound Healing Minneapolis, as well as others which you can find out about by signing up for our email newsletter. Tickets range from $35-40, and we often have a few lower cost spaces for those who need it – just let us know. We are available to come to your venue!. We have a minimum group size of 8 people, and a minimum fee; please contact us here to ask questions or book a Sound Bath for your group. Longer or more customized Journeys and Sound Ceremonies where the sounds and vibration can move you into altered states for inspiration, healing & creativity are also offered.

Kay is a talented and experienced sound healer and Intuitive Medium. I don’t think a single google review is enough to describe how much change both Kay & Michael helped me bring to my life.

Kay does SO MUCH MORE than just sound healing and energy work. She helps you uncover all that is within, so you can step onto the path of healing yourself. After working with both Kay & Michael for a year, I went on a one-year mentorship journey with them to enhance and sculpt my raw talent as an Intuitive Reader and healer. I cannot recommend these two enough.

Pauleen W. Chanhassen, MN

Intuitive Reader & Psychic

Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Tones, Sound healing bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

Explore the possibility of taking home your own Crystal Singing Bowl.

We do a brief Crystal Singing Bowl meditation to help you access your own inner guidance, followed by time to ask questions, and try the singing bowls yourself. They are truly amazing sound healing tools – for your own meditations and self-healing, or to share with family and friends. Located in south Minneapolis, MN in the U.S., we have about 21 Crystal Singing Bowls you can see and try, with about 8-10 or more in stock most of the time. This appointment takes about 30 minutes.  We are a designated Sound Temple through Crystal Tones. The $29 cost of this exploration & consult is applied to your purchase of a Crystal Singing Bowl, if you decide to order or take one home 🙂 Purchase includes a 30 min training on how to effectively use your new singing bowl, over video with Kay, or in person where possible.

Sound healing retreat Iceland double waterfall

Sound Healing Retreats

Explore the Power of Sound, Play & Be Restored.

Upcoming Sound Healing Retreats: Choose from Sound in Sacred Places wellness travel retreats held in Puerto Rico, Iceland, the BWCA Canoe wilderness area, Moab, UT, Peru and more, or a Sound Healing Experience Weekend, held primarily in MN, U.S

Sound in Sacred Places Retreats were created to build a community of people who want to experience and honor sacred places around the world and in our own backyards.

Together we use our Voices and other sound healing tools to co-create sound ceremonies as we travel and play in these beautiful places.  The intention we hold in our hearts is to send healing love to the land, waters and all living beings, as we embrace Wonder, Appreciation, and a playful spirit.

Sound Healing Experiences – Weekend Retreats are focused more on a specific kind of sound healing experience.

We may use multiple sound healing practices such as Sound Baths, Vocal Toning & Release, Tuning Forks, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drumming and Forest Bathing with Sound, Deep Listening, Sound & Earth Medicine and more to allow you to explore Sound in many ways and to leave feeling uplifted, grounded and restored. These are held primarily in MN, U.S

Our Unconditional Guarantee:

We will do everything in our power to provide for your well-being in a safe, peaceful, professional setting where you can let go of worry, stress and pain. If you feel dissatisfied in any way, tell us immediately, and we will gladly refund your money.

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Explore Energy Healing & Intuitive Readings

Energy Healing & Intuitive (psychic) Reading Sessions