To spiritual travelers with a love of Sound and singing…

You are invited to put yourself and your spiritual path at the top of your list, and retreat into Sound & Silence, singing, toning and chanting the Sacred Names of the Divine, of the One, God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Tao, Christ Consciousness, Buddha, Dreamtime, Great Spirit, OM and Universal Love…

From:  Kay Grace, Sound Healing Practitioner, Teacher & Author
To:  Spiritual Travelers yearning for Renewal & Retreat
RE:  August, 2019; your presence and energy

Hello, from my heart to yours!

Please sign up for the newsletter so you will be notified of the next date & details!  (August/September, 2019) Join me in a beautiful retreat space in the beauty of nature less than 2 hours from Minneapolis, MN,  for a very special 2 day retreat for spiritual travelers with a love of Sacred Sound.  I very much want you to be there!

********NEW! ********* 1 Day or 1.5 Day Options:
You may also choose an option to be present with us all day Saturday only, leaving after dinner, or you may choose to join us for all of Saturday and stay overnight through the end of the retreat Sunday, at 12:00pm.  See details below.

Sound & Silence is a beautiful, life-changing immersion into Toning, & Singing the Divine name from many spiritual traditions, balanced with Silence to integrate, renew and refresh you in body, mind and soul.  Open your heart, and express your longing for Unity with Deep Love through Sacred Sound,  aligning what your Spirit & Soul came here to experience with wherever you are right now on your journey.  Let go of all judgment, of trying to fix things, of trying to do enough so you will be enough, of trying to be perfect, as you remember you already are that!

As we sing together the many names of the Divine, surrender, trust, and let go of the need to be somewhere other than where you are, and learn to embody the frequency of Divine Love in your everyday life, discovering how to BE that love, with whatever IS in front of you.

Pinestone Great Room

Discover and Experience:

  • The Beauty & Power of Toning to heal yourself, express love for all Beings, and to send the healing energy of gratitude & love to the waters and land of our planet.
  • How to use chanting and sacred mantras from many spiritual traditions to draw closer to God, and to create deep peace inside yourself, greater love &  harmony in your relationships, and physical well-being.
  • Singing & Chanting as Body Prayer with movement, breath and sound
  • The profound and powerful Dances of Universal Peace to access Divine Consciousnessin yourself and in the other
  • The deeply healing and sometimes ecstatic effects of the mystical Sufi practices of Remembrance and Zikr
  • Silence After the Sound, lots of time in rich silence, with time for integration, reflection and deep personal inquiry.
  • A moonlight walk under the stars to call for owls, sounding with nature herself.

Wolf Creek Waterfall

Together, we will co-create an amazing temple of sacred sound as people who are truly ready to step into more, who are willing to surrender to the Love that We Are, and to welcome whatever is in front of us with curiosity, wonder, presence and joy.

I’ve come to believe that ecstasy is necessary – it’s one of our birthright gifts and deepest joys to seek and experience transcendent moments with the Divine. These moments can feel like a mountain-top peak kind of thing, a simple moment of Grace that just appears in front of us, or can even arise out of the depths of despair.  However you get there, these ecstatic moments feed our spirits, and help us to fill up the well we draw from to be of service, and to create greater harmony, healing and happiness for all beings.


I very much want to make this affordable and have a great group of people filling the place, so I am simply asking for the cost of food & lodging, and allowing the retreat tuition amount to be up to you.

Food & Lodging

The retreat home is large, and can house  14-22 people (we will be sharing rooms or a loft area with, some with low ceilings, and some will be using aero or sofa-beds), and there is also room for tent camping, if you prefer.

Even if you live nearby, please stay with us. The energy is exceptionally beautiful this way, when we are not distracted by driving home and checking email, and talking to those who are not sharing the experience with us.

All your meals and snacks from Friday evening snack through Sunday breakfast, will be made with loving care from fresh, primarily organic ingredients by our awesome chef, Michael.  As a healer himself, he will be adding intention and high vibration to the food we eat.

The cost for 2 nights lodging and 4 delicious organic  meals and snacks is $247, and we are able to accommodate those eating a gluten-free or vegan diet; just let us know.

OK! I would love to come. How do I register?

Step 1: Click on the “Buy Now” button once for the Food & Lodging for each person registering, and select your Option, for Full Retreat, 1 Day, or Sat/Sunday.

Step 2: You will be taken to a secure PayPal shopping page to check out.  This will be your first transaction of two.  After this payment is complete, come back to this web page.

Step 3: Click on the “Donate” button once for the Tuition you are choosing to pay, for each person you are registering.

Step 4: You will be taken to a secure PayPal shopping page to check out for the second time, where you can fill in the amount you want to pay for tuition.  (This will be your second transaction of two).

Unfortunately, PayPal does not combine fixed amounts with choosing what you want to pay, so it has to be done in two separate transactions – thank you in advance for your understanding!

If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay with a Visa or MasterCard instead, or mail a check (details on that are below).

NEW If you Choose the Saturday 1 Day only Option, your Energy Investment is $97 for Meals, Snacks & Facility

If you would like to be with us all day Saturday through Sunday at 12:00pm, your Energy Investment is $167 for Food & Lodging

Food & Lodging $247, $177 or $97

Choose Full Retreat, Sat/Sun or Sat Only

Normally tuition is between $207 and $297 (plus food & lodging) for most of my retreats, so here’s how you can decide what to pay.  As you tune into the energy of possibility for this retreat, connect to your own Higher Self Guidance.  Imagine a number you are considering, then say it out loud, ” I will pay $ ____ for this retreat beyond food & lodging.”  Notice what happens in your body and in your heart.  If you notice you feel tight, contracted or fearful, the number is too high for you at this time.  If you feel a little guilty, or not quite aligned, it is too low.  If you feel good and light, it’s just right!

Tuition- Whatever You Choose

$247 covers your food and lodging; what it actually costs for us to rent the space and provide food.

Tuition for the retreat is whatever you are guided to pay (Donate Button)

Singing the Divine Love with all who come…. Priceless!  🙂

Sounds irresistible to me!

We accept checks, Visa or MasterCard, and once payment is received, your registration and lodging is secured.  You may also send a check, but this may delay your reservation a bit while it clears.  (Checks should be made payable to Two Spirits, LLC and mailed to:  4024 14th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN  55407; please include your name, email, mailing address and phone number).

Because I am leaving it up to you what to pay for tuition, your  payment for lodging and meals is non-refundable, to cover the cost of the facility and food.

If the retreat were to be canceled due to weather emergency, your payment would be transferred to a re-scheduled retreat or to Energy Express gift certificates, good for massage therapy, energy work or sound healing sessions (energy work and intuitive readings can also be done by phone).

Once you register, I will send you details on how to get there, what to bring and so on.  If you have any questions, or would like to talk with me, please email me:, or call me at 612-568-8304.

Who is Kay Grace, and is she qualified to teach this?


Kay Grace, CAEH, Sound Healing Practitioner, Teacher, Author

Kay Grace, author of the forthcoming book, Sound Healing Mastery, enjoys teaching the art and science of Sound Healing, and empowering  people to access the unique qualities of their spirits to create lives of greater harmony and happiness in her popular retreats & intensives. She has an established private practice offering Sound Healing Therapy and Energy Work since 2001, and has helped thousands of clients access the power of sound to relieve stress, reduce pain, and create deep healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  A graduate of a four year certification program in advanced energy work from Inner Focus School, she has also studied Sound Healing extensively with Jonathan Goldman and Sound Accord Healing School.  She enjoys Tai Chi and Qi Gong, leading wilderness retreats and spiritual journey travel retreats.  A published singer & songwriter, Kay is a member of the International Sound Healers Association, ABMP, and a valued faculty member in the Integrative Health Education department at Normandale College.

Read about her sound healing practitioner certificate program at this link: Sound Healing Mastery Level I

Kay has an established private practice offering Sound Healing and Energy Work; these sessions are available in person in Minneapolis, MN, by phone, or can be arranged for groups of people who would like to have her come to their towns, either for individual sessions or custom designed workshops in your area of interest.

That is what I hand out when I teach or have speaking engagements, but it is not the whole story.

Since I was a little girl, I have been healing people and animals with my hands, and having conversations with angels, guides and beings of light who patiently answered my many questions.

I have even sensed and spoken with people who have already passed on.

As long as I can remember, I have been receiving spiritual or healing messages and then passing them on to others through storytelling, teaching, writing and singing.

When I was 7 years old, I did my first hands-on healing on an injured bird, who recovered and flew away.  There have been many times since then where people have recovered completely from some very serious conditions after spending time with me.

Still, I really did not do anything on my own; I just learned to sense energy and be a good channel for the healing power of the Universe, that of Love, coming through me.

I am so grateful and happy to be able to do something I was born to do, and to empower others to do the same.  For me, this work is beyond life-changing; it can be life-saving.

I am deeply moved by toning, chanting and singing the Divine name in many forms, as this has been a spiritual practice of mine for many years.  I am honored to share this with other spiritual travelers as together we create a holy path to Love with the sound of our voices.

Again, once you register, I will send you details on how to get there, what to bring and so on.  If you have any questions, or would like to talk with me, please email me:, or call me at 612-568-8304.

Thank you for all that you do to bring healing, light and transformation to yourselves, and to the world.  I can hardly wait to see you at Sound & Silence!

With love moving through me,

Kay Grace