Sounding in Sacred Places

Sounding in Sacred Places Tulum, Mexico:  April 2012

Many of you reading this know we are moving through powerful energy shifts on the planet at this time. As more and stronger waves of energy pass through, lots of old programming, negativity and emotional baggage has come up again as it’s leaving, and this has been reflected in the earth itself, with more natural disasters, weather changes and even solar flares. Time seems to be speeding up, and many of us are noticing more challenges and changes of all kinds.

From my perspective as someone who senses and reads energy, and from regular “downloads” of information and messages from my own Guides, this is because it’s time to let those things go, time to step into a higher frequency closer to Love. Think of it as a giant, planetary cleansing, as we evolve into a higher consciousness, and as we do this, our entire operating system, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic, is being upgraded.

Humanity is approaching a very important fork in the road. At its core, the choice is simple: Will we choose Love or Fear? Will we trust our physical senses alone, argue to hold onto our limitations and desperately cling to the way things have been, or will we allow ourselves to remember who we really are as spiritual beings, and release our attachment to the old ways? As more and more of us choose to be more conscious, and act as if the Universe is conspiring to shower us with blessings, the more we collectively tip the balance in favor of ushering in a New Earth (as Eckhart Tolle calls it); an Earth where those blessings show up in our everyday lives and the natural, default path for our thoughts and behavior is one of Love.

Sounding in Sacred Places was born to assist in awakening this new consciousness of Love in humanity and across the planet earth. Using intention, and the amazing celestial sounds of the human voice, as well as Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, a group of people vibrating at a high spiritual frequency gather in sacred places across the planet, and create a powerful and permanent shift as we co-create a never-ending ripple of sound infused with the intention of welcoming the new consciousness of Love. We are assisted in this by the sacred energy of both the place on earth, the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms native to the place, and the spiritual leaders of the ancestors who once walked there.

Our 4 day Sounding in Sacred Places will take place in Tulum Mexico, which is the site of ancient Mayan ruins; the only ones found directly on the oceanfront. (Tulum is south of Cancun, and is far from any border troubles)

This event is scheduled for April 2012 (exact dates TBA).  I’ve visited this place, and it is AMAZING.  Together we will create and experience sound for deep relaxation, rejuvenation and creativity, to work with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and to honor sacred places of the earth, using sound to send healing light where it’s needed most, and in thanksgiving for the wisdom of this place on earth and our ancestors who have walked there.  This is a major way to add positive, powerful intention and energy to help humanity step into a higher level of consciousness, raising the vibration of all those who come, and in loving service to the earth and all her beings.  It will also be focused on helping each person bring his or her dearest and greatest vision to real life, while we all hold each person’s intention written on our hearts each day we are together.  Anytime I’ve done this process, EVERYONE’s intention came to be!

Tuition for the 4 day event is $497 and includes a day trip to the Mayan Ruins

Lodging and Meals for the 4 night stay ranges from $620 to $750 depending on room selection and is based on double occupancy.  Maya Tulum resort is right on the ocean and caters to spiritual retreats, yoga, and similar events.

Visit their website here:   Maya Tulum’s website

You will need to fly into Cancun and the resort can book a round trip shuttle ride from there to the resort (about 90 miles away) for $90 total.

To say YES to this beautiful invitation, just click on the Buy Now button below to pay and secure your place, or contact Kay to mail a payment.  I will be in touch with you as soon as payment is received with all the details and confirmation.

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