The Harmony Wheel™

How Can I Create More Happiness & Harmony in My Life?

The Harmony Wheel™ is a divination tool which helps you bypass the little voices of doubt, get out of your head, and into your heart. Using the wheel is a way to confirm what your heart and your Higher Self are telling you, so you’ll always know what’s right for you, at any given time. When you have a question or would simply like to add greater harmony and happiness to your life, use this process to find the answers and balance you seek.

It’s a multi-sensory way to connect to your own Higher Self for trusted guidance, and looks like a game board with tiles and comes with an interpretation book. A person can choose to enhance the experience using color, scent (essential oils), breathing and sound healing principles, and toning in addition to using the words.

It helps to frame your question as a way to gain new insight or confirmation, rather than as a yes/no question. Some examples:

  • “How can I have more peace in my relationship with ___?”
  • “Show me what I most need to know about _____.”
  • “What will bring the greatest harmony to this situation?”
  • “What is needed to take this situation to the best resolution, for the highest good of all?”

Each of the words on the 26 tiles is what I call a “conscious word of power,” and carries a frequency of its own, with an exceptionally high vibration. These words carry the intention that goes with the word, and point to an actual state of being that the word represents.

When you ask a question using the Harmony Wheel™ and select one or more of these intentional word tiles to be placed on a section of the Harmony Wheel™, they point to the energy you most need to embrace in order to find your answer or resolve your issue.

For each word, there is message from Higher Self, to help you use the word as you place it on the wheel.

These words can be used as a vehicle for shifting your energy from one state to another, and to build and hold a solid foundation for your entire energy system. When you speak, think, see or write these words, the energy is present. When you sing the words, or hold them in mind while you tone or sing a note, you amplify the power of these words. They become a part of your very being, and are the key to resolving your question.

The Harmony Wheel (registered trademark)

If you would like to come and experience it for yourself, please put your name and email into the boxes on this page, and I will email you when the next Harmony Wheel™ evening or afternoon is scheduled. The cost varies from $7 to $15.00, to offset printing and meeting space fees.

You can also check the Calendar & Events page to see when the next Harmony Wheel™ event is coming up.

This is also a wonderful process for entire groups to use to discern what is in the highest good for all, and to discover what may want to emerge from the group as a whole.

I am happy to come to your town or location to create a powerful experience for you and your group using the Harmony Wheel™ please contact me for cost and details.