What is Energy Healing? 

Article on Energy Healing, Energy Work & Vibrational Medicine, by Kay Grace, CAEH 

What is Energy Healing?

by Kay Grace, CAEH  Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved.

Energy Healing, Energy Work & Vibrational Medicine

Key points:
  • Energy Healing is a form of Vibrational or Energy Medicine, as is Sound Healing. These are integrative health & wellness care practices used to get energy flowing freely through the body and subtle energy systems, which aids healing in a holistic way.  It’s meant to address physical, mental/emotional and spiritual concerns as a whole, rather than a way to treat symptoms or to “fix” someone.  The experience is relaxing and peaceful for the most part, moving blocks out of the way a little like acupuncture without needles.
  • Energy healers often use light touch on or just above the body to clear, align and balance the Human Energy Field, as well as the energy centers known as chakras.  Chakras are both regulators and energy transfer stations between the physical body and the subtle energy field  – both within the person’s own body and energy field, as well as managing and being effected by the energy of others outside of the individual person.  Energy is being sensed and transferred between people (and other living beings) all the time.  Part of the work is helping people become aware of this and to empower them to learn to shift their own energy when they need to.
  • Healing means a journey toward wholeness, and is not limited to a western idea of being “cured.”  While miracles do happen sometimes, there is rarely a way to explain those miracles in typical “western scientific” terms. Instead, people experience everything from deep peace and relief from pain and stress, to releasing old negative mental patterns and programing and emotional hurt. For some, it’s a way to go deeper into whatever spiritual path they embrace, and to find new meaning or soul level insights.  For example, a person in hospice could be tremendously helped by energy work to reduce pain and suffering, and to resolve or shift emotional, mental or spiritual burdens to find not only acceptance, but deep peace.  This is also healing, even if that person dies.
Benefits and experiences:
  • Relieve stress and relax deeply – making treatment or wellness plans more effective
  • Reduce or relieve pain
  • Can lead people to new insights when they feel stuck, allowing them to let go of negative thinking and unhealthy beliefs or patterns
  • Release blocks and restore energy flow; assist in calming the nervous system, slowing heart rate, breathing and a too-active “worry mind”
  • Provides a peaceful environment to work with one’s own emotions as desired
How does it work in the body?

Disruptions, blocks and decreases in energy present can cause pain, discomfort & disease, and the source can be physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. It is believed that problems start in the energy field first, and when not attended to, eventually make their way into problems with the physical body (dis-ease). Our thoughts, feelings and intentions (or lack of them) do have an impact on our well-being.

Using a variety of techniques, energy healers help people to release blocks & disruptions to allow energy to flow freely in the body & energy field.  Scientists theorize that energy work “wakes up” the cells & immune system. This activity in the energy field tends to move the whole system of a person from a stress response, general disorder or unhelpful patterns into greater order and harmony – a return to the “optimal blueprint,” so that the body can more effectively heal itself.

The Human Energy Field is a field of energy flowing within and outside of physical body. Part of this field is electromagnetic; part is made up of subtle energy patterns.  We know that the electrical field of the heart is the largest one, and that it communicates with both the brain and the digestive system via “highways of energy” traveling on or near the same pathways used by the nervous system.  Eastern medicine has been using a similar understanding for over 3000 years. Studies have also shown that when our hearts beat in coherence (measured by Heart Rate Variability), it shuts down the fight or flight nervous system response, lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and breathing, and increases feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain.  Vibrational medicine (energy work, sound healing) is one way to encourage this coherence across the whole system – body, mind & spirit.

What is an Energy Healing Session like?

Vibrational Medicine is an umbrella term for the integrative practice of working with the subtle energy field. The name comes from the concept that everything in the universe vibrates and has a frequency, and that the vibrations we emanate and receive can be optimized and affected in many ways.  Energy Healing and Sound Healing are both under this umbrella which are both considered to be forms of Energy Work.  There are hundreds of effective techniques to use, depending on the problem being addressed.   Here is what a session is like:

  • Begins with few minutes talking with client to set an intention for the session, and usually there is an intake form to fill out if it’s a first visit
  • Client lies on massage table or sits in a comfortable chair, fully clothed
  • Healer does an energetic scan of the client to find blocks or disruptions
  • Healer creates & holds a safe, sacred space, allowing body, mind & spirit (higher self) of client to find its own best path for healing
  • Usually involves light touch on or over the body; other techniques may include forms of interactive dialogue, guided imagery, gentle slow breathing, music, sound (voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc.) or movement.
  • Session ends with healer helping client to anchor the healing experienced so that it can be integrated into the client’s daily life and awareness

It is always the Higher Self of the person receiving the healing who is in charge of the session. The job of the healer is to use the skills they have learned over years of study and practice, to first tune into the client’s wisdom and guidance, then into the healers’ own guidance. This creates a partnership which allows the healing to take its own best path. The healer makes sure the experience is safe, comfortable and as effective as possible.

Copyright 2020 Kay Grace All Rights Reserved.

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